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Today's Band Shirt: Flight Kamikaze's Extra Punk

Punk Rockers Find Them

Flight Kamikaze Punk Band Shirt
Flight Kamikaze Does Good Punk

Punk Rock Needs No Style...but it helps

Cool experience, isn't it? when an opener rocks at least as hard, if not harder, than the headliner. Subjective experience, obviously, but fun when it does.

That's how I found these guys. Went to a gig to see someone else, and Flight Kamikaze was opening. They made the night something special.

Flight Kamikaze is a Colorado punk band. They know their job, and they do it right. Fast, short, straightforward songs played with a bunch of aggression. It would be easy for a punk band to stop there, making a lot of noise for drunk people and calling it a night.

Nobody needs to go over and above that and, like, add some personal flair and competent songwriting into the mix.

For some reason, these overachieving nerds decided to do exactly that. They sound like themselves, not just another punk band.

Rad. Find them.

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